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Kindergarten readiness skills Making Friends
Following directions Social skills
Diversities in life Increasing their self esteem
Music and movement Creative art/sensory play
Finger play games and songs Separating from parents and knowing they will return
Science and nature Problem solving
Language skills Math concepts (counting bears, patterning etc.)
Dramatic play Fire, earthquake, stranger, medication and animal safety
Pre-literacy skills (tracking using bubbles, room word search and flash card games)
Pre-writing skills (using journals, coloring, chalk boards, painting, following the dots & tracing)

Language/Verbal Skills: Help children acquire and develop speech by play with telephones, books and a variety of stories about pretend and real situations, puppets, interactive games, storyboards, table talk and more...

Cognitive/Creative Skills: Help children think clearly and solve problems by matching, sorting, arranging things in sequence, counting things, measuring, recognizing and creating patterns, comparing differences and similarities, puzzles, blocks, magnets, magnifying glass, a balance scale, sand or similar substance and cars and ramps. Also child directed creative art, using items such as, large pieces of paper, child safe scissors, non-toxic paint, play dough, miscellaneous materials such as scraps of construction paper, fabric, yarn, wood, buttons, feathers, foam shapes, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, etc.

Physical/Musical Movement: Help children discover the magical, universal, and educational wonders of music by playing with musical chair, dancing with streamers, musical instruments and a wide variety of music from around the world. Also, playing with large and small balls, large and small hoops, ride-on toys, push toys, running relay races, soccer, baseball, basketball and other outdoor active play, etc.

Social Skills: Help children cultivate group interaction, confidence and self-esteem. We also use table talk (children sharing stories), the children make choices to be kind and make new friends, etc.

Dramatic Play: Role-play by dressing-up in clothing from around the world. Using props, blocks, stuffed animals, dolls, miniature animals and people, dollhouses. Dressing-up in career clothing, such as, a nurse, doctor, police, fire fighter, mail carrier, and other clothing from around the world. Your child will be working with their hands using tools, such as, a hammer, screw driver, drill, saw, level, measuring tape, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, broom and dustpan, measuring cups and spoons, and puppets.

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